Public consultations and dialogue

Within the permitting procedures there is the opportunity for members of the public and authorities to formally view and comment on the permit applications. In addition, we will seek to keep all interested persons informed and to clarify any questions. We will post new developments in the permitting procedures on this website.

As part of our commitment to inform and engage with interested stakeholders, we visited the 420MW T-Power CCGT plant in Tessenderlo on 3 December 2013. T-Power has been operating successfully since June 2011 and is very similar to what Dils-Energie is planning to build in the Rotem industrial park. A group of council members and residents followed the invitation to see the new facility and speak to the T-Power staff.


The visitors from Dilsen-Stokkem in front of the T-Power office building on 3 December 2013.


T-Power plant manager, Peter Burt, welcomes the group and gives an overview of its main features.


Small groups of visitors walk round the plant with T-Power staff providing information on all aspects of interest.