Building and operating a CCGT power plant is subject to a series of permits, which are determined by the statutory framework. In order to obtain these permits experts study and assess possible impacts of the power plant on human beings, animals, water, air, climate, soil and monuments within a permitting process led by the competent authorities. The purpose of this process is to ensure that the CCGT complies with all the rigorous standards and regulations and to determine measures to mitigate any impacts.

Dils-Energie has already successfully concluded the following steps in the permitting process:

29 January 2010 Submission of the scoping paper, the Kennisgeving, to the authorities
The Kennisgeving suggests a scope of studies for the environmental impact assessment (EIA), or MER in Flemish.
29 June 2010 MER Guidelines issued by the authorities
These confirm the scope of studies for the MER as a result of the Kennisgeving plus comments received from authorities and interested parties.
27 July 2010 Award of Generation Licence
Obtaining this Licence is a basic requirement for every electricity generating company.
5 November 2013  Dienst MER approved the MER, which forms part of the Environmental Permit procedure.
18 November 2013  Submission of Environmental Permit application
21 May 2014  Environmental Permit is granted