The combined cycle power plant (CCGT) is a safe, clean and efficient form of power generation. Natural gas is injected into the gas turbine of the power station, and burnt to generate power in the generator. The hot exhaust gases from this process are re-used and passed through a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). There they are used to generate high pressure steam, which drives a steam turbine to produce additional electricity. Condensed steam from the turbine is recycled back into the heat recovery steam generator. This combined cycle ensures that the plant efficiency is maximised. The exhaust gas escapes through the stack.

The generated electricity is fed into the high-voltage electricity grid via the switchyard. The hybrid cooling cells use water and air to cool down the remaining heat in a condensation process before it is released into the atmosphere.



The proposed power plant will have a capacity of 920 megawatts (MW).  The plant unit, also called the power island, will consist of a turbine hall housing one gas and one steam turbine, as well as the generator. The turbine hall is connected to the boiler, which generates steam for the steam cycle. Cooled-down exhaust gases from the boiler escape through the stack, which forms the end of the power island.

The cooling system consists of several cooling cells, which use water and air to cool down the exhaust heat. This heat has a relatively low temperature and cannot be further used for power generation. The generated electricity will pass through the switchyard into the connection from the power plant to the high-voltage transmission grid owned by Elia.

The image below shows how the future power plant may look. It has been produced for demonstration purposes only, and the final plant layout may be optimised during the planning process: